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CO-CREATION: making Arada with thousands of consumers

Too many products are created in a lab, or simply copied from other markets – whereas palates can differ considerably. When Komari was founded in 2018, the one core value we therefore decided on was co-creation: creating beverages by intensively involving consumers in the product development process.

We took to the streets to interview, survey and ask people in Addis Ababa as well as around the country what excited them. We invited people for rounds and rounds of tastings: we let our consumers decide the product’s entire configuration. Doing this has both humbled and inspired us – and we can’t wait for more to come.

We are excited and thankful to have co-created Arada Hard Seltzer: the first home-grown Hard Seltzer, made for Ethiopians by Ethiopians. It’s not just our flavors: every aspect of our product and brand starting from the name ‘Arada’ to the label and packaging, has been developed closely with consumers.

Our commitment to co-creation does not stop, and will not stop, with our current flavors – or products. We’re working on new ways to surprise and excite – and are looking forward to include you in the process.

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