Create your own Beverage


Interested in creating your own beverage brand? Komari is far more than your regular contract bottler.

You know your market and have an idea for a beverage that would rock? There’s a lot to stop you. At Komari we can help you because we’ve been through what you’ll go through.

  • High investment cost and risk in building your own facility
  • Lack of certainty in your costing, pricing and business case
  • Expensive product & brand development expertise
  • Concern about product certification and tax requirements

Whether you have a business case, brand and recipe and are ready to order or you have a strong idea and need support, Komari provides a range of cost-effective services tailored to your needs.

We partner with you each step of the way to make your idea into a reality. Click on wherever you are in your process to learn about the services we can provide you.

Got a great idea or see an opportunity but not sure where to start?

We’ve been there. Our team has unique experience building beverage cases for African markets. We leverage our own expertise and global partners to bring ideas to life. Komari supports early-stage partners by offering the following idea development services:

  • Demand studies (consumer research, trend analysis, competitor research)
  • Firm gap analysis
  • Value chain modeling from product to shelf
  • Product concept development
  • Revenue and EBITDA 5 year projections / financial models

We tailor our offering to answer your key questions and give you the information you need, based on your budget.

Product Development for Soft Drinks, Seltzers, Flavored Waters, and Alcoholic Beverages

Have your flavor in-mind but need to make it market ready?

Komari has the experience and facilities to make your flavor into a recipe that matches the taste you want and is certified and ready to go to market. We rely on both our team and our network of global experts and vendors to ensure you make the product you want. We support you by offering the following product development services:

  • In-market concept and panel testing of flavor concepts and recipes
  • Iterative flavor matching to your taste profile
  • Colorant, sweetener, stabilizer, flavorant, carbonation, alcohol balancing for your recipe
  • Accelerated shelf life testing to ensure stability

Our product development gives you access to our laboratory facilities as well as in-market consumer research support. We can iterate your flavors as many times as needed to match your profile and target price point.

Got your recipe and know your market but unsure exactly how to make your brand come to life?

Komari is a brand-building company. When it comes to your brand, we work with you–whether you have a name and visuals and just need labeling or you need a full brand brief and marketing plan. Like our product development process, our branding and marketing team is built from internal experts as well as partners that know your market. We offer the following brand and marketing services:

  • Label design based on your brand brief
  • Brand visual guidelines including name, logo, label design and assets
  • Brand brief including target market, needs, identity, values and launch messaging
  • Marketing strategy
  • Integrated Marketing Communications plan including digital planning

We build our brand and marketing support based on your ideas and expertise—collaboration is key as you know the brand you want to sell and how you want to sell it.

Ready to get your product made? Our procurement and production teams are ready for you.

When you work with Komari every aspect of manufacturing your product is handled by our team. We make your product using a process that ensures your product is delivered to your specifications, according to your timeline and meets the conformity required in your market.

  • Our procurement team works with over a dozen packaging and recipe vendors to ensure sourcing based on your production schedule.
  • We mix, carbonate and bottle your product at our state-of-the-art facility.
  • Our quality assurance team ensures the conformity, stability and shelf-life.

When you partner with us to produce your beverage, we treat your product as we treat ours.

Once your product is made, then we help you get it to market.

We understand that logistics and conformity can be some of the most difficult processes in bringing your product to market. Our logistics, clearing, and certification team is standing by. Our team works with transport, clearing agents, and in-country certification experts to ensure your product is delivered and ready to sell. 

The services we offer include:

  • Logistics and clearance tendering from Ethiopia to your market
  • Logistics and clearance to your market
  • Product certification by conformity bodies in your market
  • Product sample conformity by testing facilities recognized in your market

We start these processes as early as possible to ensure once the product is ready, its ready to move.

Once your product pipeline is up and running, we provide you with ongoing support. While launching your product can be difficult, maintaining your brand and position takes ongoing innovation

As your partner, we want you to succeed to build you long-term value.

Our customer care team provides superior ongoing service and can assist you to keep innovating to stay ahead. The post-care services we offer include:

  • Customer support to handle logistics, certification and quality concerns
  • On-going supply forecasting to continue providing products to order
  • New product development including super-premium, premium, economy, millennial and health-focused brands

Your designated export manager is available to support you and help you launch your next brand.

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